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    Chemical Peeling

    Starting from young age we start facing different kinds of pigmentary problems like post acne- post chicken pox, hypertension, injury marks, melasma, sun damage, amyloidoses, etc.

    At sparsh clinic, doctors will examine you and will offer solutions to improve or treat them.

    Along with ageing we start feeling rough, dry, leathery skin, loss of glow, dull skin, etc. And yes at young age hormonal problems like acne and its marks.

    What is chemical peeling?
    Use of AHAs & BHAs to remove upper dead skin layer and to induce collagen remodeling process beneath the skin.

    These are mild peeling agents and are totally non toxic. They are applied on the skin and you may experience mild irritation or a bit burning sensation. Gradually rough & dead skin layer will exfoliate leaving behind younger, fresh looking skin.

    This newly improved skin is more healthy and even tonned with reduction in pigmentation. This is also combined with formation of new elastic fibers, collagen bundles and blood vessels.

    Chemical peeling process does not make our skin thinner but actually increases live and healthy skin layer.





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